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5 Best Local Foods in Bali


5 Best Local Foods in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

Talking about a food is not as easy as we eat. As old as the civilization, the local culture has  affected local food that depicts the island’s past and present life. Below are the cuisine that plays a big part of culinary diversity in Bali. From the cuisine that only served on the big rites of passage in the past to top-notch local restaurant like Babi Guling. And uniqueles and variation of  local dish that commonly time-honored. However, keep in mind that almost all of these meal are served with rice as the basic food for almost all the Asian cuisine. So, indulge in unique dining experience and enjoy the local taste. 

Babi Guling

Bali’s classic suckling pork dish or Babi Guling is the most widely known meal in Bali. There’s no place in Indonesia but Bali that well-known for this legendary cuisine. The pork meat is soft, juicy, imbued with garlic, ginger and turmeric that awaken a strong aroma. Commonly, Babi Guling served with rice, mixed vegetables, pork satay and additional crispy-skin of pork for unique experience. Biting the crunchy crispy-skin is favorite part for foodies while getting this food. To make this food much more appetizing, some restaurant added spice mix that pops in mouth by infused the meat with spicy concoction. Unlike another local cuisine, however, Babi Guling need more preparation to serve. The roasting time takes approximately 60 minutes or more to make the pork skin crackles. In the past, a Babi Guling feast was usually reserved for big rites-of-passage celebrations such as  weddings and funerals. Furthermore, as huge waves of tourism in Bali, Babi Guling has transformed into commercialised and dragging more and more people locally and internationally to taste it. So, popping up restaurants that served Babi Guling scattered throughout the island and one of the most popular is Babi Guling Candra in Teuku umar, Denpasar. 


Nasi Bali

Nasi Bali is mainly compose of rice with many different elements of balinese delights like spicy sliced-chicken and eggs, sprinkled with peanut and vegetables. Moreover, Balinese added red onion and spicy sauce or sambal to boost the appetite. However, in several restaurants Nasi Bali served with sate lilit or satay of chicken and fish meat along with potato cake, tofu and soybean cake or tempeh. As easy as Babi Guling, Nasi Bali is easy to reach and we can get it from small eateries to top-notch restaurants. As we can see on assorted ingredients, Nasi Bali is a reflection of the diversity of  the island. It is rigorously authentic and well-presented. 


Pork Ribs

Some restaurants that dishes up glorious cut of Pork Ribs are soaring rapidly. This as the island predominantly consuming both of chicken and pork meat. So, certain restaurants are getting innovate of these meat. Balinese Pork Ribs are cut from the loin, the ribs then marinated with black paper, Balinese spices and  covered by original BBQ sauce. As the ribs cooked over charcoal and served hot from BBQ pit, we can feel the smoky scents and sweet sauces in the air. Above all, the yummy Balinese Pork Ribs commonly served either with rice or french fries. But  unlike another ribs, Balinese Pork Ribs are originally served with local sambal sauce that consist of onion. Furthermore, instead of using charcoal several restaurants are using coconut shell on grilled process for appetizing the flavour.  


Bebek Goreng / Crispy Duck

Strong with seasoning and bold taste are the character of Bali’s Crispy Duck. But, differ from any crispy duck that has been familiar in several region in Indonesia, this food has its  typical taste. Before the duck meat fried into the pan, the meat marinated with Balinese condiment. Soon after the meat absorbing the condiment the meet then fried which stimulated a crispy texture upon the meat. Another characteristic of Balinese Crispy Duck lies on the spicy sauce. Commonly it served up with sambal matah, a spicy sauce that mixed with onion and garlic. This sambal has made a distinctive flavour of  Crispy Duck where we can taste it in another food. It’s hot enough to make most people sweat and the heat flavour linger. Moreover, the Crispy Duck served upon the banana leaf in several restaurants to bring classic ambience and increasing the aroma.  



We might found Rujak in several region in Indonesia like Rujak Cingur and Rujak Soto in East Java, as well as Rujak Manis and Gobet. To be distinguished from another Rujak, Balinese Rujak is mostly consist of fruits and many enjoying as appetizer or snack. There are two kind of Balinese Rujak that being favorite of locals, Rujak Kuah Pindang and Rujak Bulung. Rujak Kuah Pindang is assorted fruits that mainly consist of sliced cucumber, manggo, guava, pineapple and bengkoang. All of these fruits then poured with a soup that originally combination of chili, shrimp paste and fish extraction. In another hand, Rujak Bulung mainly using seaweed rather than fruits and using a soup with the same combination as Rujak Kuah Pindang as well. As tropical area that almost received sunlight all year long, all form of Balinese Rujak are suitable as the refreshingly flavour and juicy taste. We can find it in small eateries to restaurants. 



Wednesday 25 December 2019




Where To Go This Weekend: Unique Temples with Ancient Balinese History


Where To Go This Weekend: Unique Temples with Ancient Balinese History at Ini Vie Villa

With many thousands of temples, Bali has such a variety that you can’t even categorise them. The best evoke the great traditions of the island’s unique religion that has been shaped by priests and prophets for centuries. Every village in Bali has several temples, and every home has at least a simple house-temple. 


Pura Kebo Edan 

Located in Pejeng Village, Tampaksiring, the temple is notorious between male worshippers. It is close to Gunung Kawi area so it is close enough to one another so that one can visit both in a single day.

The temple and statue within the area is about the story of god Ciwa Bhairawa with his four phalluses. The phalluses sculpted in a way that depicts a movement, dangles to the right and left. It is said that the two-way movement symbolises dualism, Ciwa and Bhairawa, two Hindu teachings originated from Kediri in East Java that is currently practised in the temple; hence the name of the statue. In addition to the male genitalia, there’s also a snake winding itself around the god’s left leg whilst his left foot is dancing on top of the head of a dead evil spirit. There’s also another theory that suggests that the statue is of Bima, one of the Pandawa Lima or five brothers from the Mahabharata Hindu epic tale. It said that Bima was madly in love with a village girl, but the girl turned him down because of his gigantic phallus. The girl later fell in love with another man. When Bima heard about the rumour, he went to confront the girl, only to find her making love to the man. Bima was so angry that he killed the couple, crushing the man’s head with his foot – as portrayed by the statue.

Kebo Edan2


Pura Taman Pecampuhan

The shrine is a holy site where so far only the local Balinese and the Balinese from other areas across the island come to visit. It offers a feast for the eyes, and the surrounding natural atmosphere is truly serene. Nestled on a river bank in Bangli’s Abuan village, the spring at the temple is considered holy that come from water source nearby. The holy site is used to cleanse and decorated in that typical Balinese style. There are nine fountains pouring out the tirta or holy water at Pura Taman Pecampuhan. The regular visitors to Taman Pecampuhan are pilgrims who come for prayers in the temples and collect holy water from the temple’s holy springs. Half way down the temple is a small gutter with crystal clear water running through it, where the local villagers bathe. Natural beauty and traditional Bali are beautiful highlights when on the way to Pura Taman Pecampuhan; it’s really worth it to make a stop. And though the temple hasn’t seen the likes of mainstream tourism, just about anyone is welcome here.


Pura Lempuyang

The Instagramable spot, Pura Lempuyang, is one of the oldest temples in Bali. Definitely a highlight on any travel itinerary for the fit and adventurous, the main temple stands majestically at 1,175m above sea level, on the peak of Mount Lempuyang in East Bali. The temple is reachable via a steep flight of hundreds step, with attractions along the way that include several other temples and hordes of grey long-tailed macaques that inhabit the surrounding cool mountain forests. For devotees on a pilgrimage journey to the temple, this adds to the spiritual aspect of the climb. Here, one will be dazzled by the impressive architecture of the temple and it is likely you will see Balinese people carrying offerings on their heads, balancing large baskets to get the blessings from the temple priest.

Pura Kahyangan Jagat Pura Lempuyang


Friday 13 December 2019




Cool Things to do in Canggu with Couple


Cool Things to do in Canggu with Couple  at Ini Vie Villa

Canggu as hip little coastal village in South Bali has long been a surfers’ hideout but is now so very distinct for its unique quirky personality, titling itself as hipster and romantic area for every couples. Once you’re here, you get to indulge in its superb coffee and foodie offerings, cool retail and artsy vibes. From 7am coffee to cure your hangovers to evening cocktails by the pool, here are cool things to do in Canggu with your beloved one. 


Come to Sunday Market

There are a few Sunday Markets in Canggu where you can get clothes, food, and jewelry. The Love Anchor Canggu is one of the popping up spots. The market is located in a little open-air shopping center next to Monsieur Spoon. You can find live music, clothes, crafts, food and drink with your spouse. Not to mention, an Instagramable post with your beloved one is worth on your bucket list. You can also find organic fruits, vegetables, hand-made accessories, clothes and plenty of healthy and slow cooked food. The market starts at 9am and ends at 2pm.

Get a Smoothie Bowl

You are not in Canggu at least before you try a smoothie bowl. There are so many options to try, from the famous Nalu Bowls, the crazy busy Betelnut cafe and many more. Get a bowl of this healthy food with rice paddies backdrop will make your vacation as sweet as the fruits. 

Relax in a Romantic Villa

There’s no better way to end a holiday, or treat yourself with a stay at a romantic villa, and Canggu is a great place to do this. As soon as you get off the main roads of Canggu you enter a maze of small roads with beautiful villas hidden behind high walls like Manca Villa where you can get a flower decoration from the bedroom, bathtub and even the entire private pool. 

Pampering Yourself with Spa Experience

Canggu has so many types of spa for every person and every moment. If you wonder a places such as Disney world, Udara Spa has got it all figured out. Experience Wonderland in its most relaxing form here, where enormous mystical tree roots and magical animal statues surrounded the hot and cold plunge pools and relaxation cave. The herbal steam sauna even comes with colourful glass balls gleaming on the wall. Udara Spa also offers a Water Healing Treatment, where a therapist gently supports and stretches your body while you float in their Warm Water Watsu pool. 

Make Your Couple Ring in Jewellery Classes 

Canggu Jewellery Classes in the heart of canggu is a must visit place if you in search of sweet things during in the town. Express your creativity and have an authentic Indonesian cultural experience through the art of jewelry making.  They offer courses in silver, brass, and wax with literally an infinity of possibilities of rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces you can make during a 3 hour class.It is a wonderful activity to do with your beloved one and you can bring a beautiful reminder of your time in Bali with you to treasure forever. Make the jewelry yourself and be happy with it so try to keep it limited to a fairly simple shape and concept. 

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Wednesday 20 November 2019




Where to Get The Best Indian Food in Bali


Where to Get The Best Indian Food in Bali at Ini Vie Villa

No doubt that Bali is a mecca of foodish as it has countless of restaurants and small eateries or warungs that serve mouthwatering delicacies all across the globe  not to mention the Indian food. For those who search for best Indian curry and keen on cannai these are the places where you can get it all.  


Curry in Bali

Curry in Bali is Indian restaurant with Balinese hospitality adjoined in Bali Beach Golf Course, Sanur.  Panjikunnel, a native Indian has been running this restaurant over years by managing several chefs that come from India and mixed the ingredients from local traditional markets and imported ingredients from its origin, India that will give you truly Indian taste. Curry in Bali restaurant is notable for its lamb stew and samiya payasam, a classic dessert of Indian made of milk and dry fruits.


Chai’ba Indian Kitchen and Bar

Distinguish from other Indian Restaurant in Bali, Chai’ba not only provide mouthwatering Indian food, but also a quirky yet chic environment to socialise, host business meetings and special dinner for all occasions. Seasoned with organic sea salt and mixed local ingredients, Chai’ba served authentic Indian cuisine along with the vegan dishes. Located in, Jalan Raya Basangkasa, Seminyak, Chai’ba open daily with its Rava Dosa as one of the signature, made out of semolina, and created like a crepe on a flat griddle, this Indian flatbread takes patience and time to perfect. 



In Atithi make yourself surrounded with a mix of Indian and western music song as it has own band while every Wednesday and Friday you’ll listen to the one and only in house Bollywood band in any Indian restaurant in Bali. Not to mention, the interior has been designed while keeping in mind modernity with Indian ethnicity. Atithi has its cuisine and menu designed by our very famous Indian Chefs Mr. Padam Singh and Mr. Uday Singh. With the emphasis on authentic taste quality of the food products. 

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Thursday 18 July 2019




Small Eateries for Vegan in Canggu Must Try


Small Eateries for Vegan in Canggu Must Try at Ini Vie Villa

These days, vegan is getting more popularity as it gives people healthier lifestyle with variety of mouthwatering food. While you in Canggu, these small eateries are no doubt serve good food to keep your body get in shape, served as good as restaurants with affordable price.

Vinny’s Warung

This restaurant is using small eateries concept of local that brings homemade delicacies as well as environment. It has ingredients throughout the archipelago and free from unhealthy nasties and artificial ingredients. All the foods are fried up on good quality coconut oil with Tempe Manis (sweet soybean cake) and savory Daikon Salad as one of the favorites. Another one is traditional Indonesian Nasi Campur made Organic and Vegan with uncompromised flavour. Using high quality ingredients and certified organic produce, Vinny’s offer balanced meals.

The Spicy Coconut 

Similar with Vinny’s warung, The Spicy Coconut using small eateries concept, with really tiny, yet warm and cozy atmosphere. When we entered, it felt exactly like we were in our own living room. Located in between Seminyak and Canggu, this is the perfect spot for a healthy lunch after a challenging surfing session or a sweaty yoga class. The Spicy Coconut is the place for fruit lovers. The menu consists of a variety of healthy burgers, salads, pancakes and coffee with soy, coconut, almond and cashew milk. They serve lovely looking fruit bowls, young coconuts, fresh juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls. Moreover, everything looks so artsy and is almost too pretty to eat.


Oma Jamu 

Derived from Javanese words, Oma Jamu means house of traditional herbal, is an oasis for any healthy food lover, with an extensive menu of delicious vegan food along with a wide selection of cleansing juices, herbal teas and sweet smoothies. Whether you’re up for a burger, hearty soup or veggie-focused Indonesian meal, Oma Jamu satisfies every craving.

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Friday 05 July 2019




Fun Things To Do with Kids near Seminyak


Fun Things To Do with Kids near Seminyak at Ini Vie Villa

It is no doubt that Seminyak are hedonistic party playground. It’s fast becoming the new and improved sista suburb to happening Seminyak, chock full of swanky spas, beachfront bars and more boutiques. But it turns out, Canggu is also the perfect place to park the kids too, thanks to the ever-growing community of expats and holidaying families making a stop in this not-so-sleepy coastal neighbourhood and for those who wanted some family getaway, these places are worth a visit.  

 Hit the waves with a surf school

Bali is world renowned for its idyllic surf spots, so round up the kid and get them riding the island’s awesome waves. There are so many great surf schools to choose from in Bali. You only have to step onto Batu Bolong beach to spot them all. But for Mums who want to know that their kids are in the best hands, we recommend the tried-and-tested Thumbs Up Surf and Bali Local Surf School. Thumbs Up is geared toward teaching children the art of surfing and survival in the sea while Bali Local Surf School is ready to turn your children into little grommies. Both schools will take extra special care of your child through all stages of surfing, and lessons can either private or in a group where children are put with others of a similar standard. 


Take A Horse Riding

There are so many Bali Equestrian Centre international riding facility set amidst Instagram-worthy architecture and lush acreage of Seminyak. Fast becoming the hippest destination for horse lovers in Bali, the facility is designed to accommodate the entire family, with drop-in pony rides, weekly Tiny Tot classes for littlies, photos shoots, camps, show jumping lessons and so much more. In fact, Bali Equestrian Centre can cater to any aspect of horse husbandry that you request. And to watch your kid go giddy up, there’s an onsite café overlooking the main riding arena to sit back or get snap happy.

Learn Balinese Dancing at Desa Seni

For a bit of Balinese culture, take your kids to Desa Seni to get a glimpse of life as a local Balinese girl. At 2pm every Sunday, you can watch a beautiful swarm of village girls learning the art of Balinese dance. Watch in awe as twenty or so colourfully dressed girls in mock ceremonial outfits, aged between six and ten years of age, practised a variety of routines and meticulously stepping and moulding themselves into line, mimicking butterflies and birds.

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Saturday 29 June 2019




Best Vegan Cafes in Canggu


Best Vegan Cafes in Canggu at Ini Vie Villa

Healthy lifestyle is a trendy and undoubtedly has been attracted many people so far. This led to numerous restaurants and cafes that serve vegetarian food with Canggu become a vibrant place in Bali. If you already stay in Canggu, the cafes below are worth to consider.



The cafe combine an amazing organic menu with a vibrant atmosphere where you can also get the stuffs, vegan cafe and artisan bicycle. Open all-day, Peloton serves up wholesome plant-based dishes from fully loaded breakfast boards, smoothie bowls to colourful salads. Peloton’s coconut latte said to be one of the best in town. Complete with excellent service, discover why this cafe garners raving reviews from satisfied diners time and again.


The Shady Shack

Set amongst a lush garden setting which overlooks the rice fields of Canggu, The Shady Shack is a hidden gem that’s a favourite among both locals and visitors. Take your pick from a wide selection of smoothie bowls, salads and vegan burgers to enjoy in cosy nooks all around this quirky cafe.


Betelnut Cafe

Open from breakfast through dinner, the Betelnut Cafe is a unique local cafe set within a treehouse. With a focus on fresh, natural ingredients, their menu is chock full of hearty, healthy Western dishes with a Balinese influence. Think breakfast bowls, falafel wraps, and a variety of Mexican burritos.


Bali Bowls and Smoothies

Look no further than Bali Bowls and Smoothies for your fill of Instagram-worthy smoothies, protein bowls and vegan dishes. The menu has been thoughtfully crafted by the owners, offering wholesome dishes to nourish the mind, body and spirit. The signature of this cafe consist of the Sweet Kale Buddha Bowl, Turmeric & Tomato 65 Curry, and the Yogiberry Smoothie. With the freshest ingredients and stylish interiors, Bali Bowls and Smoothies is the perfect place for wanderluster.

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Thursday 20 June 2019




Best Things To Do in Canggu


Best Things To Do in Canggu at Ini Vie Villa

Canggu is a fantastic little town in Bali that strives to be a popular destination is getting more and more popularity among travelers, surfers and even digital nomads. Located near busier cities such as Kuta and Seminyak, Canggu is retreat town vibe where lush green rice fields are surrounding the countless hipster cafes, fantastic restaurants and loads of creative inspiration. Here are the best things to do while in Canggu.

La Laguna Gypsi market

Gypsy Market at La Laguna is held weekly on Sunday. Over 150 stalls selling organic and ecological products, live music played by bands and all at one fantastic decorated location. The products being sold vary from; clothing, accessories, food, herbs & spices, coffee and so much more. The market is held from 4 PM – 10 PM. Just after sunset, the beautiful lights, live music, and the decoration create a fairytale-like scene.


Surfing in Canggu

Known as one of the best spots to surf, Canggu has waves suitable for surfers of every level. Motorbikes with surfboards attached driving towards one of the beaches ready to hit the waves.  Expect surfers to be on their boards at 6 AM and can definitely get crowded quickly. There are three well-known surf spots in Canggu: Echo Beach for intermediate, Berawa Beach, Batu Bolong Beach and keep in mind that Bali surf season runs from May to September although surfing is possible year-round. Rent a board or take some lessons and hit the waves.

Foodie Heaven

Canggu is literally a food heaven. The food is mouthwatering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner thereupon a new amazing restaurants are open once in a month. Ranging from Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Vegan, and of course Indonesian, all top class food experiences. Among them there popular place to slurp a cup of coffee, drink and get your beast meal such as  in Hungry Bird, Quince Cafe, Warung Bu Mi, Cinta Cafe and The Shady Shack.

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Saturday 15 June 2019




Romantic Villa in Canggu with Certificate of Excellence


Romantic Villa in Canggu with Certificate of Excellence at Ini Vie Villa

We are proud to announce that Manca Villa has just received TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence this year. We are consistently excellent for having earned great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year and continually delivered a quality customer experience. The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travelers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period.

Unlike any other villa, Manca Villa is architecturally designed residence with all aspects of modern living and facilities provided. Entirely private with own pool, bathtub, hammock and sunbed that would be best fitted for a couple. The guest even no need to leave the villa to enjoy the vacation and spend every single waking moment with beloved one with its wide range of services.

For starters, romantic floating balloon in the pool, which is included helium balloon with an ambient color that can be subject for surprising the beloved one in our special moments such as honeymoon, birthday and wedding anniversary.

To make it more tropical, this villa have another decoration in the pool with new standardization where full flower put in the pool called romantic full flower decoration and it is really instagramble. Get into the jacuzzi and smell the flowers that will give a remarkable sensation. This villa also offers a distinctive experience of dinner with a romantic floating candle light in the pool, in order to make the pool more romantic one.

Based on the facts above, many people or customers feel glad and make some review on a wide range of platform. That’s why Manca Villa has receiving certificate of excellence  from TripAdvisor this year based on reviews and opinions that truly exceptional from million of guests.


Tuesday 28 May 2019




What to Know Before We Go to Bali


What to Know Before We Go to Bali at Ini Vie Villa

Before we arrive, ensure to know the uniqueles of The Island of Gods. Here, we try to give some information that essential. A small things with tremendous impact for the best getaway such as a wide range of transportation, must-try local cuisine and several tricks to getting the best out of a trip to Bali.


1. Rent A Scooter

Bestowed with the enchanting of nature, Bali is full with mesmerizing place like no other. From lush greenery jungle in the northern, and pristine beach in the southernmost. Nonetheless, it is not easy to find a public transportation in Bali, whether it was limited and many places are unreachable with such a public transportation. That’s why rent a scooter is recommended one and that will be beneficial as we can go anywhere with flexibility. Just keep in mind that Indonesia using left track and bring also international driving license while driving. The price for rent a scooter might be varied and approximately IDR 80 thousand or around US$ 6-7 per day. The price may be getting cheaper for weekly and monthly rent. As easy as getting the accommodation, we could rent a scooter in hotel, villa and nearby.

2. Get Local Sim Cards

As soon as we arrived we might feel terrible without phone and internet access. Just stay calm as Indonesia is one of the modest price country for phone and internet services. But, avoid to get the Sim Cards in the airport as it slightly more expensive. On a way to  accommodation, try to find authorized Sim Cards center such as Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and 3 for best price and services either on supermarket nor recognized shop.


3. Taste Some Delicious Indonesian Food

Bali has always been known as The Island of Paradise that encompass  natural beauty and culinary activity. Here, we can get glorious food, rich of nutrition, which part of the culture in the past and present. Try a Babi Guling, a roasted pig that became one of the most quintessential dining experience for Balinese. In the past, a Babi Guling feast was usually reserved for big rite of passage celebrations such as wedding and funerals. Today, the delicious taste of Babi guling is already spread out and because of mass tourism, it is become must-try food while staying in Bali. Another options is Ayam Betutu, a steamed chicken mixed with red chilli peppers, onion slices,  coconut oil and anothers condiment. Similar to Baby Guling, we can easily find it in luxury hotels and local restaurants.


4. Get Experience of Floating Breakfast at Private Villa

It is unclear since when floating breakfast has been discovered but this morning routine are keep popping up. Above all, there are some villas that become a trendsetter of floating breakfast that gone viral, such as Ini Vie Villa in Legian. Unlike any other villas, Ini Vie is architecturally designed as romantic villa with all aspects of modern living and facilities. Everything was so nicely presented including the floating breakfast to pampering the visitors. The floating breakfast that consist of bread, local or western cuisine, hot beverage are served on the floating tray.


5. Download Handy Mobile Application

Either of Go-Jek or Uber are imperative mobile application that we must have while staying in Bali. We can order an online transportation, order some meal and stuffs and even a massage services  just in one touch. It was handy and so instrumental. Oftentimes we’ll stuck in the traffic congestion in Bali and online transportation were beneficial. All that we need to do just in one click. Order for transportation, wait and sit as the driver take us to the place we want. No need to worry of lost. These application also complemented with e-money so that we can buy on several mini market and supermarket by only scanning the bar.


Monday 29 April 2019




A Fine Romantic Experience In Manca Villa


A Fine Romantic Experience In Manca Villa at Ini Vie Villa

Where elegant meet a romantic experience, Manca Villa promote slow life and will pamper everyone for a perfect bliss with all the services. From the floating breakfast, candle light dinner, romantic full flower decoration in the pool, and good location where we can see a legendary sunset of Bali. The villa is so thoughtfully designed, from the entrance, the door, the wooden wall that depicts local arts, ceiling and the exterior that combined modern and Balinese culture. 

Nestled in border of Canggu, Manca Villa surrounded by top-notched restaurant, coffee shops, beach clubs and renowned beach such as Berawa and Batu Belig Beach for enjoyable romantic getaway in Bali. This villa featuring three units of one bedroom villa with private pool and each complemented with bathtub which is separated by living and kitchen area that completed with villa facilities and guest amenities. All of the interior and exterior are stylish, with Balinese arts and lush vegetation to increase a homey ambiance.

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Tuesday 23 April 2019




Bali as the Fifth Best Destinations in the World


Bali as the Fifth Best Destinations in the World at Ini Vie Villa

Bali has selected as the fifth best destination in the world by TripAdvisor- travelers choice awards recently. Of course we are grateful to hear that and for those who are now living for a vacation, congratulation, we are part of the beauty of Bali. Let’s keep the island clean and nurturing the culture and environment. The Island of God offers an array of beautiful spots that we can visit. There are mouthwatering dishes on every corner of the street from the most renowned restaurants to the street food, natural parks, legendary beaches, historic sites, clubs and coffee shops that will spoil us. All of these fabulous spot bestowed to Bali and attracted more and more people to come.  There are 7176 things to do listed by TripAdvisor, but the top three will bring us to a whole a new level as it were the most visited place recently.

1. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking is one of the best beaches in IndonesiaIt has breathtaking view like no other so that the reputation of this beach soaring rapidly. If we want to go to this jaw-dropped place, we need to go to the port nearby as this beach located in Nusa Penida Island in the southeastern of Bali and about 45 minutes by fast boat.  It has long been known that Nusa Penida has a lot of beach and not too many people around there and Kelingking is one of the most renowned by getting crowded with tourist each day as its stunning location.  Kelingking is a cliff with the sandy beach below. Many people are stumbled when they try to get the “perfect shot” on the top of cliff. Queues of people even lining up to get the best picture in the way of the actual pathway and it is worth.


2. Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall is touted as one of the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. It is located in Sawan, Buleleng Regency, a highland that has so many waterfall and lush jungle. To see Sekumpul Waterfall closely, it takes a bit of effort and struggle. From the parking lot, we have to walk quite far away, down a dirt road and hundreds of stairs followed by across the river.  It takes about 30 minutes to walk before finally we’ll hear the roar of waterfall and see the vertical drops of  water comes in three ways that showcasing breathtaking view.


3. Luhur Batukaru Temple

Located in Penebel, Tabanan Regency, Luhur Batukaru Temple is one of Bali's key attractions and a site of pilgrimage for Hindu Balinese. The Pura Luhur Batukaru lies in 1,300 meters above the sea level, on the slopes of Mount Batukaru and often misty. All around the Batukaru temple we'll find a garden of flowering frangipani, with a gigantic, inhabited, humid tropical forest all around it. The impressive placed Batukaru is situated  since the 11th century, which is an especially sacred site, even by Balinese standards. That's why all visitors have to carefully read and abide the temple rules posted clearly at the entrance.


Tuesday 02 April 2019







Want to stay in a private villa in one of the most stunning places on earth? Bali is the place to go for luxury accommodation and all that comes along with it. From private villas with pools to traditional Balinese style private villas to toes-in-the-sand beachfront villas; the options are diverse. There are LOTS of awesome private villas in Bali....


Best Villa for Couples in Canggu – Manca Villa

If you’re coming to Canggu as a couple, or even better, on honeymoon, you’d better book yourself into Manca Villa. The team that run this place really know how to make newlyweds feel like regular royalty, with decorative touches and lashings of flower petals that make you feel like you’ve been turned into superstars rather than just married. For couples who haven’t taken the plunge (or who already have), it’s quite easy to see why this is the best villa for couples in Canggu: rather than rattling around a huge space, it’s the intimate surroundings of Manca Villa that give it a lovely, cosy feeling, like it truly is just you and your partner alone in a little bubble of secluded luxury. Plus the price is great, meaning even young couples can enjoy this villa in Bali without worrying about overspending.

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Wednesday 13 March 2019




Manca Villa - A Fine Romantic Experience by Art Novozhilov and Katya Nadezhdina


Manca Villa - A Fine Romantic Experience by Art Novozhilov and Katya Nadezhdina at Ini Vie Villa

Beautiful views of the Manca Villa Bali from various angles. #MancaVilla designed for romantic and honeymoon with privacy touched services for unforgettable stay. Featuring 3 units of One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bath Tub which is separated with living and kitchen area along completed with signature villa facilities and services. Located in border of Canggu, close to Berawa Beach and Batu Belig Beach with situated quiet area which is perfect and a well-known as new prime tourism area in Bali. It takes 40 minutes drive from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, walking distance to many cafes, restaurants and only 10 minutes drive to Finn’s Beach Club which is one of famous beach club in Bali that make you more having fun and enjoyable your romantic getaway in Bali

Video by @art_novozhilov and @katya_nadezhdina at Manca Villa Bali.

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Tuesday 19 February 2019




Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day at Ini Vie Villa

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ini Vie Hospitality, let’s spread a love to your beloved one, family and friends.


Thursday 14 February 2019







Plan your perfect romantic trip to Bali and don’t miss it our special promo “BOOK DIRECT WITH MORE BENEFITS" which you will get free:

  • Romantic flower wording “HAPPY HONEYMOON “ on the bed on arrival
  • Romantic flower decoration in the bathtub on arrival
  • 1 x memorable floating breakfast


Term and conditions applied:

  • Booking period immediately – 31 march 2019 • Stay Period immediately – 31 March 2019 • Minimum 2 nights stay is required
  • Nonrefundable with full payment in advance
  • It cannot be combined with other promo
  • Valid for direct and new booking only


Grab it fast and make your trip to be memorable one in Bali.


Wednesday 13 February 2019




Meet our New Decoration - Manca Villa


Meet our New Decoration - Manca Villa at Ini Vie Villa

We are glad to share a new decoration setup at Manca Villa that we call

  • Romantic Floating Balloon in the pool which is included hellium balloon with color can be subject to your requested for surprising your beloved one in your special celebrations such as honeymoon, birthday and anniversary. 
  • Romantic balloon decoration in the bathtub, a new way for surprising your beloved one in the bathtub and make it more instagramable that’s we call Romantic Balloon Decoration in the bathtub which is suit you for relax and spending your intimate time with your beloved one during honeymoon trip in Bali.
  • Romantic full flower decoration in the pool, we have another decoration in the pool with new standardization where full flower put in the pool which we call Romantic Full Flower Decoration in The Pool. It’s really instagramble for sure and good for you to surprised your beloved once during honeymoon trip in Bali.
  • Romantic floating candle light in the pool, It’s our new candle light setup in the pool that we call Romantic floating candle light in the pool which you may add with charge to make the pool more romantic one.


Term and conditons:

  • Hellium ballon use for 5 hours only
  • Candle light use for 3 hours only
  • Flower in the pool use for 3 hours only
  • Please book in advance along with inform the timing setup


Monday 04 February 2019




Haveyou plan aromantic trip for Valentine in Bali?


Haveyou plan aromantic trip for Valentine in Bali? at Ini Vie Villa

Check this out @Mancavillabali, offer memorable Romantic Valentine Day Package which suit for spending your valuable time with your beloved onein One Bedroom Villa With Private Pool and Bathtub. With memorable inclusions of the package, such as Romantic decoration in the Bathtubon arrival, RomanticFlower with Hearth Shape, I and U Decoration in the Pool during Candle Light Dinner, Romantic Flower bouqet during candle light dinner, Special Strawberry chocolate on arrivaland one time candle light dinner for couple and one bottle of wine will make unforgettable moments with your beloved one. 


Term and conditions applied:

  • Valid stay on 12 – 16 February 2019
  • Minimum 2 nights stay is required
  • The rate is valid for couple
  • Reservation is required in advance
  • Nonrefundable with full payment in advance
  • Cannot be combined with other existing package or promotion


Saturday 19 January 2019

 Guest Review Award 2018 - Manca Villa Guest Review Award 2018 - Manca Villa at Ini Vie Villa

We are glad to share that Manca Villa has received a Guest Review Award 2018 from which is a travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations. Base on that, has process data opinion from our valuable guest who has booking and review Manca Villa, resulting in a score of 8.6 out of a possible 10. We would like to thank you for all valuable guest who trust Manca Villa as their accommodation during trip in Bali and we keep looking forward to welcoming you in the nearest future.


Wednesday 16 January 2019




La Mira Villa - A sense of coming home


La Mira Villa - A sense of coming home at Ini Vie Villa

Seminyak, December 2018 - Ini Vie hospitality is delighted to announce the opening of La Mira Villa a homey villa in Seminyak.


La Mira Villa welcomes you to the hidden oasis with a sense of coming home. Featuring 1 villa of Three Bedroom villa with private pool and bathtub, 3 villas of Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bathtub that can be converted to One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Bathtub which is completed with kitchen, living area, sunbed and signature villa facilities. La Mira Villa is suitable for your visit with group of friends or family and honeymooners are very welcome. Prime located in the hidden alley of Seminyak, takes 30 minutes’ drive away from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and only 10 minutes’ drive away to the sunset spot Batu Belig Beach, shopping street in Seminyak, cafes, restaurant and famous beach clubs in Seminyak that make your more memorable one in Bali.


La Mira Villa’s designed as a hidden oasis with beautiful walled garden ready to welcoming you as well as naturally pathway lead you to the room.


Special opening promo in January 2019, we are giving exclusive benefits for minimum of 2 nights stay which will get complimentary romantic flower decoration in bathtub upon arrival and one time floating breakfast and valid stay in One or Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool & Bathtub.


For further information and inquiries please contact :

Reservation : +6281293880889

Email :

Website :


Thursday 27 December 2018






“SPECIAL PROMO 12.12” at Ini Vie Villa

It’s 12.12, it’s time to book direct for staying @mancavillabali, Findout the shocking rate by scanning the barcode or you may use the special promocode IVH1212. This promotion will be available till 12 December 2018 which is staying 12 December 2018 till 22 December 2019. Please makesure you don’t miss it the offer.
Special benefit for minimum 2 nights stay will get 1 x floating breakfast.

Unforgettable romantic experiences is waiting you at Manca Villa
#1212 #promo1212 #harbolnas

For further information and inquiries, please contact us:
📍 Jl Pantai Berawa Gg Kresna No 8 Canggu - Bali
📲 +6282 299 006 889


Wednesday 12 December 2018




Manca Villa is #1 on Trip Advisor


Manca Villa is #1 on Trip Advisor at Ini Vie Villa

We are glad to share that Manca Villa is #1 of 5 B&Bs / Inns in Tibubeneng from the global traveler community on TripAdvisor which is World’s Largest Travel Site.

Thank you for all our lovely guest who has given the excellent review on TripAdvisor. We are continuously maintain our best services and excited to welcoming you back at Manca Villa


Monday 10 December 2018